Clemens Tönnies: The entrepreneur’s fortune

How rich is Clemens Tönnies?

Clemens Tönnies is one of Germany’s best-known sports officials and was chairman of the supervisory board of the Bundesliga soccer club Schalke 04 from 2001 to 2020. In addition, Clemens Tönnies is also and above all a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest Germans. The German is also one of the richest people in the world. The cherished Clemens Tönnies’ assets amount to 1.27 billion euros.

The beginning of a successful career

Clemens Tönnies was born on May 27, 1956 in Rheda. His father was a butcher and so the Filius completed an apprenticeship as a merchant and meat technician after his school days. In 1971, Clemens Bruder Bernd founded a company in the meat and sausage wholesaling sector, which also bore his name. Together, the two brothers eventually built this company into B. & C. Tönnies Fleischwerk GmbH and Co. KG and over the years has become one of the largest and most successful meat producers in all of Europe.

Bernd Tönnies died early in 1994. He was only 42 years old and his inheritance (60% company share) went to his sons Robert & Clemens jun. Tönnies over. The two nephews each surrendered 5% of their shares to Clemens senior in 2008 so that both parties were on an equal footing. At that time the family relationship was still intact. 3 years later, Clemens jun. his 25% to his brother Robert. Since then, Clemens Tönnies and his nephew Robert have fallen out and fight for supremacy in the meat factory in court.

Clemens Tönnies and FC Schalke 04

Before his death in 1994, brother Bernd was president of FC Schalke 04. Clemens made a promise to his brother that he would look after the club. He kept his word and is now also chairman of the football club’s board of directors. Clemens has already been able to help Schalke 04 out of a tight financial situation one time or another. So it is rumored that he has given Schalke 04 several loans with around 30 million euros from his private assetsto maneuver the club through difficult times. But here, too, Clemens Tönnies proved to be a suitable businessman, because together with the association he managed to reduce its debt burden. Nevertheless, there was a big breakup on June 30, 2020 and Tönnies resigned from Schalke. This was requested by the ultras due to the Covid-19 scandal surrounding the meat manufacturer’s employees.

Differences to other club management

While those responsible at Schalke continue to struggle with a few million euros in debt, things look a little different with their favorite rivals in Dortmund. But there are also certain differences in general that can be noted here. While Borussia pay their boss Hans-Joachim Watzke an annual salary of 900,000 euros (plus a bonus of around 2.2 million euros) and the bosses of the clubs Bayern Munich and VfL Wolfsburg also pay an annual income of an estimated 2 million euros Being allowed to take home, Clemens Tönnies practiced his Activity as chairman of the supervisory board at Schalke 04 is entirely voluntary out.

Powerful relationships

Mr. Tönnies is unbelievable with his Assets of 1.27 billion euros also a respected man and so he also maintains good relations with his good friend Vladimir Putin in Russia. It is thanks to him that the high-priced sponsorship deal with Gazprom was initiated. But Uli Hoeneß, who was convicted of tax affairs, is not only a competitor in the Bundesliga, but also a long-term friend and important business partner of Clemens. Hoeneß, also called Würstel Uli, has been sourcing the meat for its sausage products from Tönnies meat plants for years. Other well-known in the elite circle are Franz Beckenbauer, Carsten Maschmeyer or ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

Own private jet

But it is not only in the world of football that you can find differences between Tönnies and the rest. Same goes at the airport, where there are some Disagreements over the new private jet that Clemens Tönnies bought for his company. This is the comfortable private jet Cessna Citation 4. With a Value of just over 6 million euros is it not only priced in the upper class of means of transport. Unfortunately also in terms of volume, the private jet generates a lot of noise. The residents of the airport in Bielefeld protested against the take-off and landing permit for the Tönnies jet because the noise was too loud for them. The Tönnies company, for its part, pointed out that the new private jet is no louder than the old one and that it is simply important for a company that operates internationally to have a company jet close to the company premises.

Own stadium

The company’s own football stadium is also located near the Tönnies company. The approximately 4 million euro arena was one of the declared dream projects of Clemens Tönnies and was special built for the employees of the Tönnies company and has 3,500 seats. Since there are more than twelve company soccer teams at Tönnies, the arena will also have and fulfill its own, highly frequented use. In addition, this closes the circle from the honorary chairman of the supervisory board from the 1st Bundesliga to the successful and wealthy businessman and founder of a Meat empire.

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