Dead Crown No Remorse Lyrics

Dead Crown No Remorse Lyrics By Dead Crown. No remorse For the broken When I needed put together Not a single word was spoken No remorse For the hopeless While you’re standing still Im lost in constant motion Ice cold I feel nothing No empathy no sympathy.

Dead Crown No Remorse Lyrics

Try to forget all that we’ve been throughSomehow my mind always comes back to youF^^k it

No remorseFor the brokenWhen I needed put togetherNot a single word was spoken

No remorseFor the hopelessWhile you’re standing stillIm lost in constant motion

Ice cold I feel nothingNo empathy no sympathyMy agony is what fuels me todayEnjoy the view from 6 feetWhile I’m pi^^in on your graveThere’s not a thing about you that ill missbi^^h

Built from my painbi^^h we are not the same

Do us all a favorPut that bullet through your brainYou don’t know furyYou don’t know what I doYou don’t see clearlyYou refuse to see the truthAnd Once all is gonеAnd things come to an endYour fake friеnds won’t miss youThey’ll be glad your F^^kin dead

Yeah that’s rightbi^^h I F^^kin said itBlow these words through your skullSo you never forget itAnd Next time you want some clout and someone’s life to endTake a look in the mirrorAnd end yourself instead

What the F^^kNo more missingIll take a hitAnd put the mark on all of youYou want a pieceMother F^^ker slide throughThe F^^k you wanna do?

No peace in mind for a broke bi^^hTypin shit on a screenYou don’t getSkull fragments on the wallI don’t give a shitThis is your F^^kin messNow F^^kin sleep in it

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