I Aint Never Been With A Baddie Lyrics

I Aint Never Been With A Baddie Lyrics By FelixThe1st. I ain’t ever been with a baddie She calm so I add her to the tally Madison but I’m calling Her Maddy like Mads try send me the Addy Buss a right then a left at the alley.

I Aint Never Been With A Baddie Lyrics

Little ni^^as really wah at meLockdown still doing up cali Gingerbread man can’t catch meFlexed up like they really move pallyI don’t want ish just at meI just want money that’s calmTeenage never worry bout acneI ain’t ever been with a baddieShe calm so I add her to the tally Madison but I’m callingHer Maddy like Mads try send me the AddyBuss a right then a left at the alleyLike Drey you don’t look to shabbyGeordie ting come from theValleys like I just wanna play withThat fannyLil miss I really wah play with thatpu^^isi baby shе give me the wеtI make that pu^^isi squirtI tell her felix go firstShe wanna tell me she love meTell her I’m cool so I tell her to skrrrtMy little bi^^h do the dirtShe don’t wah hate me she lurkNah nah nah nah

Like Dreya to forward Dreya toBait Dreya too nuff keep onAssuming I don’t correct I callYour bluffGyal think they’re nice hmm nahYou ain’t buff you’re looking roughSo just give me the stuffShe moving forward she ain’tImportant give me the loveLike bi^^h I want clarting andSomething you got for me babyWassupI want the pu^^isi baby let meCome and just f^^k it upShe don’t know what I’m about letMe give you a head startDreya the best say it with chestGrab on her breastLemmie caressNo she ain’t under duressNo she ain’t feeling no stress I’mLike come here baby sit on my lapRun your hands through myDreadsbi^^h ahhhI blow smoke chim chimneyBad bi^^h she not feeling mef^^ksake felix come like frenemyLike Oliver Twist she begging forMore like sis just pour the HennessyGet set f^^k the ready we steady bShe taste special miss what’s theRecipe I give her like four give meTen of eachsh^t she want the best of meFlip her Over in bed till she rest inPeaceBeat up the pu^^y and pray thatShe rest in peaceShe sniffing that Disney sh^t SheCall it that goodluck Charlie allThese bi^^hes wanna party they onMe they all on my bodyShe rock she popping the MollyDon’t wanna f^^k with my squadyJust wanna love on me onlyShe don’t wanna love on no body

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