I Beat Her Doonies Down Lyrics

I Beat Her Doonies Down Lyrics By YN Jay And Louie Ray. Ooh, I hit her from the back, I beat her doonies down She said I f^^k her good, I make her coochie smile I’ma pin her on the wall, yeah, movie style.

I Beat Her Doonies Down Lyrics

(Enrgy made this one)Enrgy, man, why you do that, man?You always doin’ somethin’, manYes, sir (Enrgy, man, why you do that, man?)(Why you do that, man?)Ayy

Bro put a silencer on the, this bi^^h shoot likeBro put a silencer on the, it sound like leaves fallin’Beecher ni^^a put us in the league, my whole team ballin’Big bro off on my play, made me mad, damn, he keep stallin’I just left the club drunk as hell, I was sleepwalkin’You can get a extra nug’ if you keep callin’You can make it to the finish line if you keep joggin’Somebody call Enrgy, I think I need MarlinHold up, hmm, you hear that phone ring? That’s my fiend callin’Told bro this sh^t on the floor, he looked at the groundHit your bi^^h from the back, she looked back and smiledShowed love, they ain’t appreciate it, I’m taxin’ nowNeed somethin’ off everything you spend, I’m taxin’ nowbi^^h used to be cla^^y, she ratchet nowDon’t wear weave when we f^^k, I’ma snatch it outI got this one lil’ (Yeah), she snatch and pout

I got this one dramatic bi^^h love to grab and shoutShe be f^^kin’ for the fun, never asked her outHer head down while I drive, she don’t ask the routeI use my Cash App card when I cash her outShe’d rather be at the crib, but I had her outf^^k, I done f^^ked up the bag, left it layin’ outHot as hell, walkin’ through the hood with the fan outOkay, since you got the most to say, well, whip a band outI’ll probably give you anything but a handoutThey hit him with the fire, blew his flame outDon’t wanna be out here, this ain’t no playgroundYou would never know the streets or how they play outThe only rules to comin’ up, you gotta stay downI got too many on, take a chain offProbably say I don’t give a f^^k and brush the pain offLike the wipers on the windows, throwin’ rain offI ain’t f^^kin’ with the book, I turn my page offHundred thou’ on somethin’ like it what the name costBenz truck without the top, Lil Jay gon’ hang offI don’t feel like lettin’ nobody over, cut the lane offI don’t wanna see no one perform, what the stage cost?

Ooh, I hit her from the back, I beat her doonies downShe said I f^^k her good, I make her coochie smileI’ma pin her on the wall, yeah, movie styleI’m out here looking for the cat, I’m a coochie scoutI’m in the car at the bar pointin’ coochie out

I’m f^^king with the lights on, check the coochie outTold her take the pa^^^es off, pull the coochie outI’ma use straight spit to wet the coochie downOkay, I want you on your back, turn the coochie ’roundDamn, her coochie loudSay she ain’t f^^ked in a minute, heard the coochie growlSaid I was, but I never ate the coochie out

I can make a bi^^h do some sh^t, I’m callin’ Boosie outbi^^h shakin’ a^^ bu^^na^^d, loose-bo^^y styleI fell asleep drunk na^^d at a groupie houseShe fell asleep in the club with her coochie out

We was f^^kin’ on cam, put a movie outShe like to f^^k on balconies when it’s gloomy outI’ll be probably blowin’ money fast like I threw it outI ain’t never been doin’ this good as I’m doin’ now


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