I Got A Gift From God Sitting In The Backseat Lyrics

I Got A Gift From God Sitting In The Backseat Lyrics By Clayton Jennings. So I used to sit in the backseat on the driver’s side passing time And I’d watch every single car that passed us by Or at least I’d try.

I Got A Gift From God Sitting In The Backseat Lyrics

When I was little, I used to sit by the window and watch the world go byAnd my, oh my, did the world go byBecause time flew, yes time fliesAnd it carries us all to the day we’re six feet deep with services by gravesideAnd all we ever really want is for it to be a great rideSo I used to sit in the backseat on the driver’s side passing timeAnd I’d watch every single car that passed us byOr at least I’d tryAnd at ten years old, all I could think was I wonder where they’re gonna go on the day they dieAnd still to this day I look out my windowAnd sometimes I roll it down and I let the wind blowAnd I close my eyes and I listen to the sound of travelers traveling byWith the Sun on my face as it illuminates the skyAnd I could still hear the sweet voice of my mom from those long Sunday drivesShe’d say, “Son, you can be anything that you want to beAnd if it were up to me, I’d make you believe that God’s plans for you aren’t make-believe, they’re reality”And Mom I’ve been out here living those dreams and I hope you’re proud of me

Because you taught me what it’s like to live life powerfullyYou showed me what it’s like to silence the voices of those who say life is only a pursuit of the salaryWhat a travestyTo live for money, it’s a tragedySo Mom, to be rich with no faith, forget it because broke is what I’d rather beBecause if money talks, I don’t want it to talk to meBecause I’d rather be a poor man stuck in povertyThan to be a slave to paper refusing to trust in God’s sovereigntyAt ten years old, I was inspiredI was inspiredI was inspired to live a life that inspires others to take off the flat tiresAnd travel freely down the highwayLike I don’t care what Satan tells me, not one single thing is gonna stand in my wayBecause I’d rather be out here being made fun of for Jesus than to be forgotten in my drivewayAnd let’s be real, man, so many of us doAnd we waste opportunities to get out there and spread truthAnd we wake up at 85 and say what happened to my youth, I never put it to useChristians afraid of letting their voice be heard

Even more afraid of letting God’s voice be heard through themNot realizing that their life is on display and it’s a show for all to see like TrumanAnd the dead men around them, by the power of their testimony, could become new menAnd we make excuses as to why we don’t live sold out like, “Yo, man, I’m just human”Yes, you are, but God isn’tAnd when He hung on that cross and said it is finishedHe gave you a blank page and pen and said here write the first and last sentenceIt’s a war, are you gonna sit on the sidelines or get up and get in this?‘Cause it’s a fight, manEvery day, it’s a battle for what’s rightIt’s a fight for your lifeAnd so often the wrong feels so rightBut I read the last page of the Bible, believe me, it’s gonna be alrightBut until He comes like a thief in the nightI’m gonna live this life like every day is a gift from GodBecause every day is a gift from GodAnd God didn’t give us this gift

So that we would wallow and be set adrift into a sea of selfishnessLike what can I achieve, and how much can I get?So we buy into this American Dream, but reallyIt’s just an American schemeA suicidal society where we scorn the Tim Tebows but celebrate the Charlie SheensAnd we wonder why we’re losing the teensAnd we wonder what it all meansIt means that sin is on the rise, we bought into its liesThank God Jesus is still in the business of saving livesAnd He could save yours just like He saved mineAnd because He did, I don’t have to focus on who I was or what I didBecause Jesus forgave, yes Jesus forgivesNot that we would drive through this life looking in the rearviewAt the old youBecause Jesus doesn’t say I told you

He only says I love youThree nails and two wooden beamsBelieve me, man, He loves youAnd His promises are trueAnd the Bible is truthAnd liberal professors who bash Him are foolsBut God still loves fools, and I’m really no better than themI’m just a messed-up dude who struggles with sinBut I’m not about to deny my Creator to get an A on a paperBecause one day my name will be written on a different piece of paperWhether it’s soon or whether it’s laterAnd someone in a suit and tie will stand on a stage as my loved ones cryAnd he’ll say the year I was born and the year that I diedAnd when they call my name, I’ll be far above the fray in a place far awayAll because I chose Jesus over this

Because I didn’t wanna sell away my Savior like Judas with a wink and a kissYou can’t pump the brakes on life’s highwayYou can’t go back and you can’t go sidewaysAnd if I had it my way, I’d go back to the ten-year-old me, and I’d say“Clayton, don’t waste one opportunity to prayBe different from this world and stand out in every way”Because we’re all just traveling to our graveAnd when you stand before Jesus, what will you say?


god is saying to youi see how you’re strugglingi know you are weakand sometimes you have no what to sayin the devil may lie to you that i willalways be silentin the middle of the worldbut let me tell you my childbut see your pain and your tearsbut what i need you to dois to slander all your pain to meand i will fight for youbecause i want to give you everlastingpeaceit’s okay to feel like giving upi know that you are hurting but talk tomei may not answer you but i hear rewardsyou sayand when the time is right i will make awaybut let me give you these promisei will always be there for youi will watch over youi will be the source of your happinesscome to me and i will remove all theemptinessyou fill in your heartcry to me and i will move mountains foryoujust say a player and believe in medon’t worry about tomorrowi’m going to make a wayi will be with youin the lion’s den double sidethe bottom is seen impossible to win fora monthbut for me everything is possibledon’t cryrejoiceraise a hallelujah in front of yourenemiesand i will come to the other wayi will defeat all of them in your eyesi will finish what i started in my lifethe season is changingpeople will fight youi’m going to heal youthey will judge youi will justify youi will be with youi give my only begotten son so that youand ican’t be consoledi love youi will never leave youthat’s my promise if you want to knowhow much i love youjust say pleaseand i will come to your rescuei love you my child foreverremember i’m still the samedon’t worryto ask me anything you wantforeign

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