I Wanna Go Bowling Tiktok Lyrics

I Wanna Go Bowling Tiktok Lyrics By ZaeHD & CEO. I wanna go bowling Yeah, my money growing On my d^^k, she blowing T^^^^es f^^kin’ showing Is it raining? Are you playing Hop on the plane.

I Wanna Go Bowling Tiktok Lyrics

Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahWhat? What? What? What? What? What?Them hits don’t make no senseAyy

When I wake up, yes, I talk the talk and I walk the walkLook at me, ma, I’m the flyest of them allHide my belongings in the wall, bad b^^ches in the hallDouble cup of muddy trouble, Humpty Dumpty on the wallCall that boy Plankton ’cause he tryna steal the formula (SpongeBob)Pull up like some diapers, wet some sh^t like baby formulaMy d^^k don’t belong to you, this sh^t is uncompatibleAnd from the looks of it, you not f^^kin’ fashionable (You dusty)High school, I used to rock the Robin jeans with the Robin wings20K walk light, lookin’ for a schemeTake your ho over yonder, beat up in her spleenMy diamonds Bruno Mars dancing at spring flingWorried about my cash, I want the green, Irish SpringThis sh^t is finger lickin’, n^^ga, bon appetitI like my hoes petite with a sprinkle of freak

Hold up, ayy, ayy, ayyLean with it, rock with itDrinkin’ soda pop, yeahHead look like a mop, yeahb^^ch, I pop like Pop RocksYeah, that my white teeb^^ch, I’m so icyShe wanna one night meDo it like NikeUh, yeahWater on my neck and wrist, uhb^^ch, I’m ballin’ just like pass assist, uh, yeahWanna know who I am, b^^ch, then come again, uh, yeahb^^ch, I feel like 50, like it’s many men, yeah

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayyTurn the speakers up, listen to the f^^king bassAnd I got the money in the bank, yes, ChaseAnd I’m smoking that weed, it might just be lacedAnd I’ll beat back ’til it f^^kin’ breakI wanna go bowlingYeah, my money growingOn my d^^k, she blowingT^^^^es f^^kin’ showingIs it raining?Are you playingHop on the plane

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