It Started With The Wine Lyrics

It Started With The Wine Lyrics By Original Cast Of Ordinary Days. It started with the wine The wine The wine! We were shopping for a bottle to bring to her cousin’s soiree My cousin, the sous chef, she’s very gourmet I grabbed my favorite cabernet.

It Started With The Wine Lyrics

It started with the wineThe wine

The wine!We were shopping for a bottle to bring to her cousin’s soireeMy cousin, the sous chef, she’s very gourmetI grabbed my favorite cabernet

He’s got no clue and so I say:Darling, the wine

The wine?

The wine!They’re serving monkfish, so darlingThe wine can’t be redHow ’bout this Austrian Riesling instead?

Honey, you know I don’t like the RieslingWhen have you ever seen me drink Riesling?

Never, but can’t you listen this once?Red wine and fish? You’ll look like a dunce

Fine!I’ll bring the redYou bring the whiteThat way I’ll still get drunkYou’ll still be right

FineFineFineAnd then there was the cab

The cab!The cabWas stuck in traffic in the middle of BroadwayTen minutes we wait

We’re twelve blocks away, and we’re already late

I point out there’d be no delayIf we would just turn that a-way

Honey, the cab!The cab

The cabWas pointed squarely down BroadwayI know you’re concernedBut your cousin’s on BroadwaySo why have we turned?

Darling, I know my cousin’s on BroadwayBut there was lots of traffic on Broadway!

Surely, but now, in my own defenseWe’re farther away, which doesn’t make sense

Fine, driver, please stop hereIf you wouldI think walking will doUs both some good


FineWe don’t say anything as we’re walking down BroadwayIt’s like I’m walking next to a strangerI’ve had that feeling more and moreLike I don’t even know her/him

But right now, it’s cold, and we’re still in a hurryI’m not gonna stop, and I’m not gonna worry

We’ll be fineFineFine…

And then it starts to rain

My hair starts to dripMy shoes are a messMy bag’s getting wetAnd so is my dress

I love the rainHow everything shimmers!

The wind’s picking upWe’ve got no umbrella

It dots her hairLike morning dew

Suddenly I start to think of the day that I first met herA bucket of snow had landed in her hairI picture her shake the snowflakes off her shouldersAnd somehow, I want to get us back to thereI want her to know that I can’t bear to spendA single day without herBut how can she know?How can she know?

Shit! OW! My shoeMy shoeMy shoe!Dammit!This is really fantasticNo, really absurdAnd what, you just stand thereAnd don’t say a word?FineI’m gonna go, we’re late for my cousinGod help the soul who’s late for my cousin!You can stay put here out in the rainBut don’t leave it up to me to explainGive me the wineDon’t take all dayFine then!Bring it yourselfYour cabernet, Jesus!

Shut up, Claire, and marry me!


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