Mystikal Watch Yourself Lyrics

Mystikal Watch Yourself Lyrics. Tiktok Shake ya a^s, but watch yourself Shake ya a^s, show me what you workin with I came here with my d^^k in my hand Don’t make me leave here with my foot in yo’ a^s; be cool And don’t worry bout how I’m rippin this sh^t.

Mystikal Watch Yourself Lyrics

Mmm! Mmm, mmm, mmmOooh-OOOH!

Shake ya a^s, but watch yourselfShake ya a^s, show me what you workin with

I came here with my d^^k in my handDon’t make me leave here with my foot in yo’ a^s; be coolAnd don’t worry bout how I’m rippin this sh^tWhen I’m flippin what I’m kickin ni^^a, that’s just what I doI’m effervesecet and I’m off that crescentNastier than a full grown German Shepherd; mo^^erf^^ker keep steppinThey don’t f^^k with me and they don’tY’all bi^^hes cant catch me and you won’tPay ya fare, fix ya hair, throw that pu^^yGot a Prada for boonapalist, and Donna for my babooskiYou think I’m trickin? bi^^h, I ain’t trippinI’m buyin if you got nice curves for your icebergDrinkin Henn and actin like it do somethin to meHope this indecent proposal make you do somethin with mef^^k a dollar girl, pick up fiftyAnd f^^k that coward you need a real ni^^aOff top knick-a-boxers hurtin sh^tBend over hoe; show me what you workin with!

Attention all y’all players and pimpsRight now in the place to be (shake ya a^s)I thought I told y’all ni^^as beforeY’all ni^^as can’t f^^k with me (watch yourself)Now this ain’t for no small boo^iesNo sir cause that won’t pa^s (show me whatcha workin with)But if you feel you got the biggest oneThen momma come shake ya a^s

I like my women fire like CAY-ENNE!!Chocolate and bowlegged – when I’m runnin up behind her!!Go head get ya pop-a-lock let the c^^k outFor girl don’t lie you know you wanna go back to my house“The Man Right Chea” wanna get under that dress right thereYou spicy cajun we gon’ a good time over thereYou better s^^k the head on them there crawfishAnd you gotta bend all the way over to dance off thisHandle yo’ business but I know you do it way better, you dead wrongSo if you talkin bout how ni^^az make noise when you pa^s byget yo’ fine a^s on the floor girl this yo’ f^^kin song!Do yo’ thang dont be scared, cause you gon’ get servedYou get mine then you gon’ get yoursBout to make yo’ a^s love itRaise it up, show the G-string hustlin hustlin

Stop yo’ cryin heffer, I don’t need all thatI got a job for you – the braided up pimp is backBreak them handcuffs, f^^k you ni^^a move somethinAnd if they ask you what you doin say, “Ooohh nuttin!”And we been doin for the past 2 somethinAnd I’ve been beatin that pu^^y up now it’s smooth f^^kinYou can betcha bottom dollar; if that pu^^y fireyou gon’ holla Michael Tyler!So don’t act like you don’t be backin that stuff upGirl in the club, cause that’s what you got a^s forWobble wobble I’m infatuatedbi^^h ride a d^^k like she makin a babyAnd I see that we gon’ have to go to a quiet corner for just us two an’Don’t worry about who lookin, just keep on doin what you doinCause a ni^^a like me gon’ get to work before I know the girlbi^^h whats happnin, let ’em see, show the world!

Uhh.. OOOH-WEE! Good lawd!Damn!

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