Ragnar Drill Remix Lyrics

Ragnar Drill Remix Tiktok Lyrics. Genjutsu Beat French trend Qui veut être ROI Letra If you want to be king You must kill me Who wants to be king Take it Do it Do it You No? No? Anyone? Do it! Look They longer support me What kind of king Abandons.

Ragnar Drill Remix Tiktok Lyrics

If you want to be kingYou must kill meWho wants to be king

Take itDo itDo itYouNo?No?Anyone?Do it!LookThey longer support meWhat kind of king AbandonsHis people

Take itDo itDo itYouNo?No?Anyone?Do it!

Who wants to be king


Your real king is hereImpossible you are deadI am back to take whatRightly belongs to me

Bow DownBow DownNo?Okay

This man here tried to kill meTo get the throne

He banished me, sent me to the evil forestBut I came back powerful

Now The Crown!!The Crown!!No I can’t

No?Immediately!!The Crown!!

Now bow to your King!!Okay

The Writing On The Wall Iron Maiden Letra Españ


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