Rollie On My Wrist Rollie On My B Lyrics

Rollie On My Wrist Rollie On My B Tiktok Song Lyrics. Hold up, Rollie on my wrist Rollie on my bi^^h (what?), 30 on my waist (what?) 30 to your face (yeah), 60 to your face (yeah) 90 to your face (yeah), that’s a closed case (yeah).

Rollie On My Wrist Rollie On My B Lyrics

Rest in power, it’s all about powerSqueeze two lemons together and really all you’ll have is sourDiesel, ni^^as’ll smoke your a^^ to have the juiceRiding around in an all black coupeCouple of pigeons that’s ready to shoot, sh^tDucking and bucking and dodging and droppingWith 48 ounces and cigarette buttsF^^king around with the up echelon, they will turn you to cubes and I hope you be goneEnvelope, overload, cranium overdose, Denny Cascade, what the F^^k is the halvesClick clack, get powed, bi^^h it’s a wrapTierra my witness, I pray for a napYoungin’ and restless, return with a pastKey in ignition, foot on the gasNone of you ni^^as is acting that jabGold teeth in the Glock and a Cybertech maskRing gun, particles, turn you into moleculesPlanet shrooms, planet shrooms, I’ll take you to my panic room

Yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeahAll these ni^^as stealin’ my style, can I get my flow back?Yeah, bop on that bi^^h like KodakYeah, bi^^h you know datYeah, I push your sh^t all back (woop woop)Told that bi^^h I got money, ayy (woop)Countin’ them hundreds, it’s nothing, ayyTold that lil bi^^h I got money, ayyTold that lil bi^^h that’s it nothing, ayy (s^^t, s^^t, tied)Hit that bi^^h right from the back, she got turkey, I knock out that bi^^h like it’s stuffing, ew (s^^t, s^^t, tied, ok!)Told that lil bi^^h that I’m with itTold that lil bi^^h that I’m with itAy, wait, 21, Lil Boat, yeah (win)Denzel Curry cut your throat, yeah (yeah)Kodak do the most, yeah (win)Told that lil bi^^h I got all the money (uhh)I swear this sh^t is just nothing (uhh)I just be dancin’ right up on that bi^^h, yeahWhat you be stuntin’?

That boy not gang, no that boy not my friendI hang with my gang the same gang that felt all of my painWhen I was struggling through the rainWhen I had no guala, no iceWasn’t no food but riceAll of these bi^^hes they want me but they get 1NightF^^k ’em, I give a F^^k what you sayin’bi^^h ni^^a know I ain’t playingI’m ’bout my fettySailing team up and we readyF^^k up that ni^^a if he talking too heavyI’m bout it, chains on my neck cost me 20Look at your diamonds, your diamonds look cloudyThey fake, young ni^^a in the Gucci StansF^^k with me if you wanna dieYoung ni^^a I don’t wear no suit and tiesF^^k noLil Boat!

21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21I sent my bi^^h to the store ’cause we ran out of soda (what?)bi^^h I’m tryna cook this yola (21)Hundred round drum on the bottom of that sh^t (do-do-do-do)Chop a ni^^a down like a F^^king lawnmower (grrrrrr)AK47 ’round my mo^^erF^^king shoulder (21)Pull up in a Rover then I pull off in a FiskerPulled up on your bi^^h, she s^^ked my d^^k and then you kissed her (goddamn)Young savage bi^^h, and I don’t play ’round with them swishers (hmm?)I just smoke them woods {yeah}bi^^h I’m from the hood {yeah}Zone 6, Bouldercrest road, you can’t go there21 Gang bi^^h, yeah {21, 21, 21}I’m in NYC, I think I got a F^^king show there (yeah)Hold up, Rollie on my wristRollie on my bi^^h (what?), 30 on my waist (what?)30 to your face (yeah), 60 to your face (yeah)90 to your face (yeah), that’s a closed case (yeah)You an old ni^^a, man you washed upYoung savage, man I got my car washed upPulled up on a mo^^erF^^king ni^^a, wrapped up (yeah)Then I pulled up in a mo^^erF^^king Brink’s truck21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21

Who the F^^k picked this lil sorry a^^ beat?I’m from the ugly corner man, them lil sour a^^ streetsDamn homie, I’m the one who let your starving a^^ eatAnd you was hungry, I ain’t have to let your sorry a^^ eatMy cousin G-Wayne got off of manslaughter last weekGave my dog a buck fifty, that ni^^a brought me back threeI’ma- a ni^^a broad and get up all in them cheeks, tiedThey dead fly

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