She A Thought My Little Baby Lyrics

She A Thought My Little Baby Tiktok Lyrics By C2D. Main song words are She my ho, broke my heart broke my heart, oh my God she a thot my lil baby, yeah, on God Yeah, on God, he a fraud.

She A Thought My Little Baby Tiktok Lyrics

Got a thing on my hoKeep that thing with my hoMan, I swing with my hoWho are you? Not my broNot my bro, she my ho

She my ho, broke my heartBroke my heart, oh my GodShe a thot, yeah, on GodYeah, on God, he a fraud

Smoke some grams, boy, I’m friedLil’ shawty wanna love on meAye, shawty, you in love with meBaby girl, you wanna be with me?

Baby girl, what you see in me?Halo world, where I always beRule the world, where I always beI keep a pole where I always be

Who are you? Girl, you annoy meWho are you? You don’t know meWant real love? Girl, show meI sing a sad song with my hoDo the dance, yeah, with my ho

I got bands, yeah, I got moreI got bands, they for my hoI got friends, yeah, what they forI got friends, they turn to foesShe told me she on go

Where you hide at, boy, where?Where you stay at, boy, where?Where you be at, boy, where?I got sticks, boy, bewareYeah, she play in my hairYeah, she all in my head

Yeah, she gon’ give me headAnd I’m better off deadAnd she wants to go restI am better than the restWatch me count up these checksI been in the hills latelyBaby, can I call you baby?

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