The Fitnessgram Pacer Test Lyrics

The Fitnessgram Pacer Test Lyrics By Leger and Lambert. Level 1 Feel it One Two Three Four Five Six Seven; end of level one Level 2 Eight Feel it Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen; end of level two.

The Fitnessgram Pacer Test Lyrics

Level 1Feel itOneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven; end of level one

Level 2EightFeel itNineTenElevenTwelveThirteenFourteenFifteen; end of level two

Level 3High rollersSixteenHigh rollersSeventeenHigh rollersEighteenNineteenTwentyTwenty-oneHigh rollersTwenty-twoHigh rollersTwenty-three; end of level three

Level 4High rollersTwenty-fourTwenty-fiveTwenty-sixTwenty-sevenHigh rollersTwenty-eightTwenty-nineHigh rollersThirtyHigh rollersThirty-oneThirty-two; end of level four

Level 5Thirty-threeThirty-fourThirty-fiveThirty-sixThirty-sevenThirty-eightThirty-nineFortyForty-one; end of level five

Level 6Forty-twoForty-threeForty-fourForty-fiveForty-sixForty-sevenForty-eightForty-nineFiftyFifty-one; end of level six

Level 7Fifty-twoFifty-threeFifty-fourFifty-fiveFifty-sixFifty-sevenFifty-eightFifty-nineSixtySixty-one; end of level seven

Level 8Sixty-twoSixty-threeSixty-fourSixty-fiveSixty-sixSixty-sevenSixty-eightSixty-nineSeventySeventy-oneSeventy-two; end of level eight

Level 9Seventy-threeSeventy-fourSeventy-fiveSeventy-sixSeventy-sevenSeventy-eightSeventy-nineEightyEighty-oneEighty-twoEighty-three; end of level nine

Level 10Eighty-fourEighty-fiveEighty-sixEighty-sevenEighty-eightEighty-nineNinetyNinety-oneNinety-twoNinety-threeNinety-four; end of level ten

Level 11Ninety-fiveNinety-sixNinety-sevenNinety-eightNinety-nineOne hundredOne hundred oneOne hundred twoOne hundred threeOne hundred fourOne hundred fiveOne hundred six; end of level eleven

Level 12One hundred sevenOne hundred eightOne hundred nineOne hundred tenOne hundred elevenOne hundred twelveOne hundred thirteenOne hundred fourteenOne hundred fifteenOne hundred sixteenOne hundred seventeenOne hundred eighteen; end of level twelve

Level 13One hundred nineteenOne hundred twentyOne hundred twenty-oneOne hundred twenty-twoOne hundred twenty-threeOne hundred twenty-fourOne hundred twenty-fiveOne hundred twenty-sixOne hundred twenty-sevenOne hundred twenty-eightOne hundred twenty-nineOne hundred thirtyOne hundred thirty-one; end of level thirteen

Level 14One hundred thirty-twoOne hundred thirty-threeOne hundred thirty-fourOne hundred thirty-fiveOne hundred thirty-sixOne hundred thirty-sevenOne hundred thirty-eightOne hundred thirty-nineOne hundred fortyOne hundred forty-oneOne hundred forty-twoOne hundred forty-threeOne hundred forty-four; end of level fourteen

Level 15One hundred forty-fiveOne hundred forty-sixOne hundred forty-sevenOne hundred forty-eightOne hundred forty-nineOne hundred fiftyOne hundred fifty-oneOne hundred fifty-twoOne hundred fifty-threeOne hundred fifty-fourOne hundred fifty-fiveOne hundred fifty-sixOne hundred fifty-seven; end of level fifteen

Level 16One hundred fifty-eightOne hundred fifty-nineOne hundred sixtyOne hundred sixty-oneOne hundred sixty-twoOne hundred sixty-threeOne hundred sixty-fourOne hundred sixty-fiveOne hundred sixty-sixOne hundred sixty-sevenOne hundred sixty-eightOne hundred sixty-nineOne hundred seventyOne hundred seventy-one; end of level sixteen

Level 17One hundred seventy-twoOne hundred seventy-threeOne hundred seventy-fourOne hundred seventy-fiveOne hundred seventy-sixOne hundred seventy-sevenOne hundred seventy-eightOne hundred seventy-nineOne hundred eightyOne hundred eighty-oneOne hundred eighty-twoOne hundred eighty-threeOne hundred eighty-fourOne hundred eighty-five; end of level seventeen

Level 18One hundred eighty-sixOne hundred eighty-sevenOne hundred eighty-eightOne hundred eighty-nineOne hundred ninetyOne hundred ninety-oneOne hundred ninety-twoOne hundred ninety-threeOne hundred ninety-fourOne hundred ninety-fiveOne hundred ninety-sixOne hundred ninety-sevenOne hundred ninety-eightOne hundred ninety-nineTwo hundred; end of level eighteen

Level 19Two hundred oneTwo hundred twoTwo hundred threeTwo hundred fourTwo hundred fiveTwo hundred sixTwo hundred sevenTwo hundred eightTwo hundred nineTwo hundred tenTwo hundred elevenTwo hundred twelveTwo hundred thirteenTwo hundred fourteenTwo hundred fifteen; end of level nineteen

Level 20Two hundred sixteenTwo hundred seventeenTwo hundred eighteenTwo hundred nineteenTwo hundred twentyTwo hundred twenty-oneTwo hundred twenty-twoTwo hundred twenty-threeTwo hundred twenty-fourTwo hundred twenty-fiveTwo hundred twenty-sixTwo hundred twenty-sevenTwo hundred twenty-eightTwo hundred twenty-nineTwo hundred thirtyTwo hundred thirty-one; end of level twenty

Level 21Two hundred thirty-twoTwo hundred thirty-threeTwo hundred thirty-fourTwo hundred thirty-fiveTwo hundred thirty-sixTwo hundred thirty-nineTwo hundred fortyTwo hundred forty-oneTwo hundred forty-twoTwo hundred forty-threeTwo hundred forty-fourTwo hundred forty-fiveTwo hundred forty-sixTwo hundred forty-seven; end of level twenty-one, end of the test

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