The Rumor Song Broadway Lyrics

The Rumor Song Broadway Lyrics. Remember Perchik, that crazy student? Remember at the wedding When Tzeitel married Motel And Perchik started dancing With Tevye’s daughter Hodel? Well, I just heard That Perchik’s been arrested, in Kiev.

The Rumor Song Broadway Lyrics

Rifka, I have such news for you”

Remember Perchik, that crazy student?Remember at the weddingWhen Tzeitel married MotelAnd Perchik started dancingWith Tevye’s daughter Hodel?Well, I just heardThat Perchik’s been arrested, in Kiev



(Woman 1)“Shaindel, Shaindel Wait till I tell you.”

Remember Perchik, that crazy student?Remember at the weddingHe danced with Tevye’s HodelWell, I just heardThat Hodel’s been arrested, in Kiev

(Others)No! terrible, terrible

(Woman 2)“Mirala.”

Do you remember PerchikThat student from Kiev?Remember how he actedWhen Tzeitel married Motel?Well, I just heardThat Motel’s been arrestedFor dancing at the wedding


(Woman 2)In Kiev!

(Mendel)“Rabbi… Rabbi.”

Remember Perchik, with all his strange ideas?Remember Tzeitel’s wedding?Where Tevye danced with GoldeWell, I just heardThat Tevye’s been arrestedAnd Golde’s gone to Kiev


(Mendel)God forbid

(Others)She didn’t

(Mendel)She did

(Avram)“Terrible news. Terrible.”

Remember PerchikWho started all the troubleWell, I just heard from someone who should knowThat Golde’s been arrestedAnd Hodel’s gone to KievMotel studies dancingAnd Tevye’s acting strangeShprintze has the measelsAnd Bielke has the mumps

(Yente)And that’s what comes from men and women dancing

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