Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics

Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics By Lewy BlueStrips. Main song words are Thick light skin from LA & she got a little belly One day I’ma marry Damonni f^^k a gym I love yo body.

Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics

Ya ya

Like 03

You know I like them dark skin like shay shayBut light skin be my favoriteWant to hear my confessionsSay yaaaaBaby I’ma let you know wassupI just really want to f^^kGave it up baby can’t get enoughFeel a rush when I’m bussing a nutMe & yo bi^^h between the sheets I can bang thatHave her running from the d^^k she can’t take thatLamp cover round the waist take the sk^rt offOn my mom I just napped had to skrt off

Temp rising she climbingSo wet & so tight when I slide inShe whimper she winingHands round her throat I get violentNot abusive No controllingIt’s hot outside but it’s snowingWhite girl can I rock yo worldChocolate & vanilla swirlThick light skin from LA& she got a little bellyOne day I’ma marry Damonnif^^k a gym I love yo bodyMy body want yo body

Kehlani she tsunamiI pullup in that mazzyAll white I’m feeling godly& I know I ain’t rightAll these women in my lifeI ain’t got to think twiceNow I’m upping the priceWhy… YouGot so much to say about my lifeLove yours I love mine& I did this song for the hypeThey ain’t coming like meCan’t f^^k her like me

Make a movie spike leeLook yolked in a thin white TLight brown skin like BeyoncéMexican like MonséWant to hear my confessionsSay YaaaaI done grew up grew up grew upAm I a screw up screw up screw upYou finna do what do what do whatNi^^a I’ma pullup pullup pullupChris brown how I take her downLove sounds baby we go roundzLook in her eyes snatch her soul

Use to want you so bad now I don’tDid her wrong cause how she lieNi^^as ain’t sh^t bi^^hes ain’t rightThink I’m the sh^t bi^^hes be fliesSo dope it’s a natural highAin’t girl my girlfriend I’m not ya boyfriendNo cuffing We just enjoyingNot cocky I am flamboyantCome cruise take you on a voyageDon’t be scared of the darkBe my light you a star

Why you acting so hardBaby let down yo guardI’ll secure you keep me near youSoul crying for help I can hear youIndependent don’t fear youOu I love it got career too

Shout out all my lovely tenderonies

I just wanna saySweet lady Would you be mineee

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