Watch Yourself Tiktok Lyrics

Watch Yourself Tiktok Lyrics. Put rappers in coffins They dive like dolphins I’m the lyrical marvel officer Watch yourself! Or f^^k around and get beside yourself I know! Go ahead though Bounce them ti^^ies, shake ya a^s, drop that pu^^y Stay in line hoe.

Watch Yourself Tiktok Lyrics

You know what time it is ni^^a,and you know who the f^^k this is. DANGER!DANGER! Get on the floor! The ni^^a right chea! Sing it!

Been so long (sing it!)Since, he’s been onSo please (get on the floor!)Show me (the ni^^a right chea!)What it is that you want to see

Go tell the DJ to put my sh^t onI’m keepin’ you ni^^as and bi^^hes in jump from the minute I get onTaking they sh^t off, showing they tattoos,screamin, and hollerin’ and allGot the gift to come up with it,put it together, deliver it, make them feel it, bi^^h I been on!Sharp! Like you pulled me out the pencil sharpenerBad! Like that student in the principal’s officePut rappers in coffinsThey dive like dolphinsI’m the lyrical marvel officerWatch yourself!Or f^^k around and get beside yourselfI know! Go ahead thoughBounce them ti^^ies, shake ya a^s, drop that pu^^yStay in line hoef^^k a think, cuz you can canCocked up, head down, pu^^y poppin’ on a handstandLeave that pu^^y smokingIf you gonna lose somethingThen bend over, and bust that pu^^y open

My f^^kin’ concert line around the cornerParking cars, ni^^as lookin’ for they bi^^h, nothing on her!You lookin’ good mommaWhy? Pshh, what’s up homie?Sirens, limousines, and the club ownerYa bi^^h you!If you late, ain’t no getting in this bi^^hCuz it’s filling upInside packed from the floor to the ceiling upThe building ain’t big enough!I’m backstage bouncingAdrenalin building up!The pu^^y cutterDid I stutter?The heart flooderMake your woman drawers melt like butterDown like NellyHype like “Belly”The rhyme seller!Kick a^s like Jim Kelly!Stand up, round out, boot up and frownTell a ni^^a if he wanna try itThen bi^^h come on down!No sweat, no blood, no tearsAnd if I tell you it’s the sh^tThen bi^^h THAT’S WHAT IT IS!

DANGER!Talkin ’boutDANGER!Mo^^erf^^ker look!Get on the floor!The ni^^a right chea!DANGER!(Mo^^erf^^ker) Watch your back!DANGER!(Look look) ni^^a what! (look look)Get on the floor!The ni^^a right chea!Get ’em up!!!


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