We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics

We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics. Call up ya mans now we coming for you we coming for you bo bo bo bo we coming for you baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa call up ya mans now we coming for you got the runtz in the pack just copped me a new.

We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics

Call up ya mans nowwe coming for youwe coming for youbo bo bo bowe coming for youbaa baa baa baa baabaa baa baa baa baa


Heard his demons with emWhen we hop out the Vwe gone really get emAll these bi^^hes on d^^kthey ain’t getting uptook some time off,had to switch it upyou cant getting like meYou ain’t payed enoughStop the chatting bi^^h just give it upKnow a couple shooters thatgone run it upshoot you for the moneyNow ya life is upyou ain’t speaking to meif ya gun ain’t tuckedIf I get on my bully,Ima set you upKnow a couple bullies that gonemess you up

Droppin bodies on the floorthey ain’t getting upbodies on bodies on my d^^kthey ain’t getting upMove with my bi^^hand we moving in clutchSpeak on my nameMy bi^^hes gone flame ya upSpeak on the gangmy shooters gone shoot you up

Shooter slide through you gone see what it doCouple of bullets they coming two, call up the gang and they shaking the room,these bullets hit quick, too hot, boomKeeping my cool, just run me ya shoesSipping the Henny don’t know what to do

got the blick in the bag, l might just pick n choosecaught me body now I’m rolling with goons, caught up ya thotty she was f^^king on zoom, caught up ya mommy she was f^^king for food, bought me a bottle ain’t mixing with juice

Ain’t mixing with you, Just run me ya gooseThese bi^^hes be chatting, these bi^^hes on mute, I settle the score then I make up the rules, bi^^h you my son bi^^h you boutta be schooledcall up ya mans now we coming for you

got the runtz in the pack just copped me a newthat’s a opp air yea we smoking youYou smoking on who?That’s a opp in the air yea we smoking on you

Yea , you shake in ya bootsSh^t hilariousWith a couple demonswhere we moving we deliriousMask offSh^t is getting real dangerousMask OnSh^t is getting contagiousAlways knew I was meant for the greatnessHaters stay watchingBut they ain’t gone say Sh^tyou in the mix then you better not say Sh^tmy shooters is sanctionyou better not say Sh^tbi^^hes is ratting, and baitingpick up the grip yea you know I ain’t playinsend out my dogs, sniff out where you stayingbi^^hes is Bacon,Me and my bi^^hes be bakingbi^^hes is muffinsbi^^hes be bluffingbi^^hes be thottin and f^^kingBeen chasing the bag,you know the Sh^ts nothingMoving in caution, Blick in the purseSpeak on it you bound to get murkedCall the demons up they gone put you in the dirtLeft ya body and homies on ya hurt

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