Yrn Im In Love With Benjamin Franklin Song Lyrics

Yrn Im In Love With Benjamin Franklin Song Lyrics. Main song words are I’m in love with Benjamin Frank-a-lin I got that white like Pee Wee Herman Got green like Kermit.

Yrn Im In Love With Benjamin Franklin Song Lyrics

YRNShe wanna f^^k on the young thugga (thugger, thugger)She wanna threesome cause she like my friends (squad)She wanna leave with us cause we look like we win (we win)She wanna f^^k me cause I’m with YRNY-R-NThugga thuggaAnd Y-R-NThugga thugga and Y-R-Y-Y-R-N

MIGOSPlay with kilosOcho cincoI got stripes like a bengalSnoop dogg egoJohnny-f^^king-Puerto RicoI stand on that stage and look like a big Meech kilo(?)Hundred bands in a Honda CivicStandin’ on the stage lookin’ like a ton of midgetLeaning like a fool whole f^^king body frigidAll the bi^^hes say I smell just like f^^king fishesYoung ni^^a run ya’ mutha’f^^kin bands upYoung thug got his mutha’f^^kin plans upYoung thug got all his f^^king plans upI ain’t tryna sound tough but my mans upYa’ dig?Young thug got kidsRiddin’ in a fender benderKinda hard being a migos when everything never lastsYoung rich ni^^a gotta bi^^h with some church chicken thighsImma f^^ker Imma f^^ker Imma f^^ker Imma f^^ker Imma f^^kerHEY

She wanna f^^kWith a real boss ni^^aThat’s meRich ni^^aI’m riding around in that AudiI know that she gon’ notice meI take her to beverly hillsShe sippin’ on double sipShe might pop a pillLil’mama she killin’ it killin it’ (killin it’)Young ni^^a gon’ have to write a willY-R-N (young rich ni^^a)I’m in love with Benjamin Frank-a-linI got that white like Pee Wee HermanGot green like KermitMy bi^^h from GermanyShe loyalShe servin’I put her on the block and she workin’

Young ni^^a I exit the beamerShe see my demeanorShe know that I’m cleaner(then who?)Then all of them ni^^asGot a lot of hoes but the young ni^^a still gotta keep herI’m pressin’ my jewelsShe diggin’ my moves(she diggin’ my moves)She f^^k with a ni^^a like me

Call her stellaShe get back her groveI’m sleepin’ on Versace coverI sell out my brotherYou know that its dirtyTell him I met the bi^^h up in bahamasI f^^ked her one time she tell me she love meI ain’t gunna lie she got a fat a^s sisterWith a big fat a^sSay her name TijuanaI hop out that masiThey takin them picturesI swar to god ni^^aAll these hoes want is a young rich ni^^a

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